Frequently Asked ETIAS Questions

Do all UK citizens require an ETIAS visa waiver to travel to Portugal with their passports?

All British citizens will need to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver when the new travel authorization program becomes compulsory in 2025. Beginning in 2025, the ETIAS Portugal will replace current visa-free travel within the Schengen area for short-term travellers. To help international travellers and border officials adjust to the new policies, there will be a grace period of at most six months.
Travelers should fill out the ETIAS online application form before departing for Europe when the new travel authorization system goes live in 2025. Travelers should submit their ETIAS online applications no later than 96 hours (4 days) before departure. This will give you plenty of time to complete your application and allow you to resolve any issues during the approval process.

How can I apply for an ETIAS visa waiver to travel to Portugal fromthe UK?

When it comes to travel forms, the ETIAS application process is very straightforward. Before travelling to Portugal or other countries in the Schengen region, all British citizens must complete an online application via the ETIAS website. To submit an ETIAS application, applicants will need to provide basic information and their contact information. The online process should take approximately 10 minutes in most cases.

To apply for ETIAS, do I need a passport?

Yes. All international travellers will need a valid passport that can be used to verify their identity when applying for ETIAS authorization Portugal. All passports must have biometric and machine-readable capabilities. Your passport must be valid for at least three months after the intended arrival date.
This applies to all UK nationals as well as the citizens of the other 59 countries eligible for ETIAS. For a complete list, please visit our homepage.

What is the cost of applying for an ETIAS visa waiver?

All applicants above the age of 18 must pay the ETIAS fee to apply for the travel authorization. Minors below 18 years of age can apply for ETIAS travel authorizations without additional cost. When applying for an ETIAS visa Portugal, you must pay the fee online with a valid credit or debit card. Your ETIAS application will be placed on hold if the transaction fails to go through until payment has been received.

When will the ETIAS visa waiver system go live?

As of 2025, the new ETIAS visa waiver program replaces the current Schengen area border control system. There will be a grace period of six to twelve months or more to minimize disruptions, depending on the need. This allows border agents and international travellers to get used to the new travel regulations gradually and seamlessly.The online ETIAS application Portugal is effortless. To receive notification of the approval or rejection of an application, applicants will need a valid biometric passport that has not expired, access to a stable internet connection, a valid email address, and sufficient funds to cover the ETIAS fee. ETIAS mobile app will be compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. You can also complete the application on a tablet,laptop, or desktop computer.

Are minors and children allowed to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver?

Yes. ETIAS visa waivers are required for all travellers, children, and adults from 60 eligible countries to travel under the ETIAS Visa Waiver Portugal program. This waiver will allow them to enter any country within the Schengen zone, starting in 2025, and continuing through international arrivals. The online ETIAS application should be completed by a parent or legal guardian for minors and children. For a complete list of ETIAS-eligible countries, please visit our homepage.

Can I work or study in Portugal with an ETIAS travel authorization?

No. ETIAS is not a substitute for a national work or study visa. The Portugal ETIAS visa waiver is an electronic travel authorization that covers citizens from 60 eligible countries for transit, tourism activities, and business travel during a period of up to 90 days in a single 180-day period. It does not allow foreign citizens to work or study during their time in Portugal or any other country in the Schengen zone. If you wish to work or study while you are in an ETIAS country, you must apply for a standard work or study visa through the appropriate consulate.

Is it possible to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver even if I have a criminal conviction?

International travellers must complete an ETIAS online application before entering any Schengen country. This process might be slightly different for applicants with a criminal record than those who have not been convicted of a crime. This includes minor offenses such as disorderly conduct, driving while impaired (DUI), loitering, shoplifting, and trespassing.It is unclear if the ETIAS program for travel authorization will be available to international travellers with criminal records. For more information, please get in touch with our customer service department.

I'm a citizen of an ETIAS nation. Do I need an ETIAS travel permit?

No. Citizens of Schengen countries are not required to apply for ETIAS visa waiver. As Schengen citizens, they can enter any Schengen country freely without their passport also in virtue of no border controls. For example, suppose you’re a German citizen and travel to Portugal. In that case, you don’t need to apply for ETIAS as both countries are part of Schengen. If you’re travelling with a British passport, then it’s different as the UK isn’t part of Schengen. The same goes for citizens of one of the other countries eligible for the ETIAS Visa Waiver Program. You must apply for an ETIAS travel permit at least 96 hours (4 days) before your planned departure date.

The Schengen area is not the same thing as the European Union. Not all EU members participate in the Schengen Agreement. Not all Schengen countries belong to the European Union. Please visit our homepage for a complete list of 60 countries eligible for the ETIAS visa waiver and a list listing all 26 countries within the Schengen region of Europe.

I am a citizen of more than one country. Which citizenship should I choose when I submit my ETIAS application?

This question will depend on your nationality. You don’t need an ETIAS visa waiver if you are a dual citizen of at least one ETIAS country, like being a citizen of both the UK and France. Your French passport would be enough to enter the Schengen area without an ETIAS. Consider, however, if you are a dual citizen from two non-Schengen nations. You can apply for an ETIAS visa waiver using the passport of any eligible country as long as at least one is eligible. For example, suppose you are a dual citizen of the UK and India. In that case, you can apply for ETIAS using your British passport. Similarly, dual citizens from the United States and Thailand can apply for an ETIAS visa waiver using their American passports. A more traditional Schengen Visa would be required in order to travel to Schengen countries with a Thai passport.If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Do I need the ETIAS to travel from the UK to Portugal?

Yes. As soon as ETIAS goes live in 2025, British citizens will have to apply online for ETIAS approval before travelling from the UK to Portugal. Foreign nationals can apply online for an ETIAS visa waiver. This means that as a British citizen, you can apply online from anywhere in the world as long as you provide your passport information.

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